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BRIG RIBS MALLORCA Ibiza and Menorca

All Brig ribs Mallorca are cutting-edge design, technology, and precision engineering of military aeronautics with the very finest marine craftsmanship. Discover the world’s most advanced rigid inflatable boats Mallorca. 

BRIG RIBS MALLORCA, the new generation

The brand new rigid inflatable boats Mallorca are are a prime choice for those seeking exceptional quality and elegance on the water. Renowned for their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, BRIG boats stand out as stylish and high-performing options in the boating world.

Crafted with the finest materials and innovative design, Brig Ribs exude a level of sophistication and luxury that is unmatched. Each detail, from the sleek hull to the ergonomic seating and advanced features, speaks to the brand’s dedication to delivering not only top-notch performance but also a refined and elegant boating experience.


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, BRIG watercraft boast an impressive level of quality. The rigorous standards upheld during their construction ensure a durable and seaworthy vessel capable of withstanding various marine conditions. This level of quality extends to their performance as well, with powerful engines and precise handling, allowing for a smooth and exhilarating ride on the water.

 summary, choosing a BRIG ribs means selecting an embodiment of exceptional quality and elegance. These vessels are not only a practical choice for boating enthusiasts but also a statement of refined taste and an appreciation for superior craftsmanship.

New rigid inflatable boats Mallorca. brig ribs models


New rigid inflatable boats Mallorca. brig ribs models


Brig EAGLE 6.7

The BRIG Eagle 6.7 offers speed, agility, and fuel efficiency thanks to its elevated tube position. With an XL engine shaft, it can accommodate a wider range of engines. The Eagle 6.7 also comes equipped with innovative features that could set new industry standards. One standout feature is the anchoring system, enhancing your overall boating experience. The glass console dashboard is specifically crafted to hold two 9′ devices.

Brig EAGLE 8

The BRIG Eagle 8 is a high-end family cruiser that boasts a sleek and stylish design. It truly stands out from other boats in any setting. The front of the boat can be set up with either a spacious sundeck or extra seating, making it the perfect choice for families. With seating for up to 10 people, everyone can enjoy a comfortable ride, and there is plenty of storage under each seat. Like the rest of the Eagle series, the Eagle 8 features a reinforced deep ‘V’ hull, extended waterline length, wide tubes, and a square bow to ensure a smooth and dry ride, even in rough waters.


Brig EAGLE 10

The debut of BRIG’s latest flagship, Brig EAGLE 10, has been highly anticipated. Its impressive dimensions offer a wide range of options for potential buyers. The key feature of this vessel is its versatility, making it suitable for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re looking for a stable day cruiser for family outings or a seaworthy vessel for longer journeys, the Brig EAGLE 10 has you covered. With its twin engine setup, this boat can reach speeds of up to 50 knots, providing an exhilarating sportboat experience for those seeking a thrilling ride on the water. With its deep-V-hull design, this top-of-the-line cruiser offers a dry and smooth sailing experience. Not only is it lighter and easier to maintain than traditional hard-sided boats, but its stability and virtually unsinkable nature make it a standout choice.